Saturday, June 14, 2008

Music Man - Beyond the Storm

Hello reader,

I wanted to introduce myself to you all. I am Jeremy's alter-ego the Music Man. From now on, whenever you see a post with "Music Man" as the title you will know it is a special e-mail from me, with a special purpose as well. As you may or may not know I do some songwriting in whatever spare time I have and I try to record some of my better songs. Well, I am asking for all of your help. Whenever I, the Music Man leave a post I will leave you a link to be able to listen to my latest recording. I would like honest and helpful critiques from as many of you as can help me out. Now remember, these are home recordings with crappy equipment, so I don't really want to hear a lot about the quality of the recording. What would be MOST helpful is to hear people's honest opinions about the song itself. The music, the lyrics, etc. So, onto the first song...

It's called "Beyond the Storm" and it's basically about two people having to say goodbye for a long time, but knowing they will one day be together again.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR CRITIQUES (via an anonymous comment if you prefer)!

Here's the link:


Music Man


Brasileira said...

Wow! I tried to think about hearing that song at a concert or on the radio or something - and I think that it is great! You have the talent to go a long way - I admire you for pursuing your dreams with music, even when it may not be the practical way.

Love you Bro

Mindy said...

I haven't heard any of your recent songs and I must admit I was very impressed with this song. The music and lyrics together are really great, much better than most the stuff you here on the radio now-a-days. Anyways, I really think you can make it.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

That was very beautiful! I loved the message and the music. You have a powerful way of creating strong emotions whenyou write songs. I can't wait until you get "discovered" so that your music can touch even more lives!
Love Always,

Anonymous said...

Hey jeremy I love your song!
Sorry it has taken me so long to get on here.

love you bro

Will Thomas said...

This family has too much talent; Naomi with her photography, and you with your music.

I think the percussion was a great idea in that song. It kept it moving along.

There is great demand for your style of music out there. There has never been a better time as right now for independent artists.

You should get your stuff out there and heard even if it's not the final studio mastered version you want. That's how my wife got started. The feedback you will receive will drive your to pursue your dream.

Check out these sites when you get a chance: These and a myspace music account are all great places to start sharing your music.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more songs--do you have a CD?