Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I Got Cookies!"

In order to understand this, you have to know that Arianna has been sick the last couple of days. Poor thing had a fever Thursday night and Friday, then started with vomiting and diarrhea Saturday morning. She has kept an awesome attitude throughout it all. Most of the time you wouldn't even know she's not feeling well, because she's such a cheerful, happy little thing.

Okay, so a few minutes ago we were all upstairs, including Mom, and Arianna decided to go on one of her usual little escapades down into Mom's area of the house. She's generally pretty good about these little adventures on her own; she mostly just likes to go say hi to the cats down there. After a minute or two of her being down there, we heard our door open, and her cheerful little voice shout up the stairs, "I got cookies!!" The cutest part was the way she said it; it was in the same tone that you would say "I've got pizza!" when entering a house full of hungry people. Sure enough, she had a little package of Oreos in hand, and was already munching away on one. Of course this isn't the snack of our choice while her tummy is so sensitive, but I couldn't find the heart to take it away from her when she found something to be SO happy about.
I think it's awesome how children at this age find such joy in the little things in life. They have so much to teach us, you know?


Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

JaredandJaclyn said...

Yea for Cookies. I say the same thing when I find cookies!