Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Child's Prayer

I was sitting here at the computer, checking my e-mail, and I looked over and saw the sweetest thing. Arianna was kneeling on the floor, saying a prayer all by herself. I quietly got Jeremy's attention so he could see, too.
When she finished her prayer, we asked her what she was praying about, and she told us she was asking Heavenly Father to help her feel better (she was feeling kind of sensitive and over-emotional). We told her we were happy to see her praying, and that it was a great thing to do when you're not feeling good.
Then she climbed up on Jeremy's lap and asked him if he would say a prayer for her, too. He started folding his arms to say one, and she said, "No, not like that... With your hands on my head.", and she took his hands and put them on her head, "So I will feel better." Jeremy proceeded to give her a Father's Blessing.
What a sweet moment!


Springer and/or Tyson (probably Springer) said...

So precious! <3

Sprgtime said...

Absolutely precious how she asked for a father's blessing. :)

(ps - this is Jessie from NAMI)

Alexandria Kiel said...

Aww oh my gosh! Very sweet indeed! A beautiful child given to beautiful parents :) !