Thursday, January 8, 2009

Arianna Singing

We thought it was so cute that we had to record it! So here is Arianna doing her version of the Winnie the Pooh theme song, with Daddy helping her out. The funny thing is, she's never even seen the movie this song comes from, and yet she loves to sing it over and over. In this video she is 26 months old. Enjoy!


Will Thomas said...

Too cute!
She's growing up all too fast!

WesnKt said...

Oh, Anna! You are so cute!! We miss you so much! Zoe sends lots of love & kisses!!!
The Chappells

Lashara said...

Oh I love it! That is so cute I can't stand it! I can't wait until Adalia starts talking and singing like that. She's got some words down and the cutest by far is how she say orange. It's like, Ohhhhh...wenge? she always says the end like it's a question. :-)