Friday, February 20, 2009

Starting Today

Okay, so it's been a while. I have had every intention of getting on and posting every week for a few months now... Well, the procrastination stops now. Starting today, I'm going to be an awesome blogger! Let me clarify: I'm going to do awesome at posting frequently. This may not necessarily mean the posts themselves will be awesome, but just the fact that I'm posting at all qualifies as awesomeness. (There's my little disclaimer.)

And there you have my new pledge to do better. It's different this time than the last time, though. Honest... :)

Enough mumble-jumble. Let me tell you about these pictures I took the other night (Wednesday, to be exact). They're not the greatest quality, but I wanted to just snap a shot of Arianna doing what she does every night at bedtime. She LOVES books. She loves for us to read them with her, she loves to "read" them to us, she loves to "read" them to her little friends (toys, stuffed animals, etc.), and she loves to look at them all by herself. She will sit there for the longest time before bed each night, looking at her nightly selection of books. That in and of itself is pretty cute, I think, but lately she's latched on to a particular book that makes it even more cute. This particular book is Black & Decker's "The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair". It's been a couple of weeks now since she discovered it, and it still holds it's fascination, apparently.

If we are there when she's looking through it, she'll point to pictures and ask us what they are... If we're not around, she will just sit there and study them. I think it's pretty cool myself! Maybe after some more studying, she'll be able to show us a thing or two. We can certainly use a handyperson around here, since Dad's gone. :)


Anonymous said...

LOL she is so funny! I liked your disclaimer

Springer and/or Tyson (probably Springer) said...

That's too funny! I can just imagine her replacing cupboard doorknobs by the time she's four! LOL!

Lashara said...

That's so cute. Isn't it funny what kids find fascinating? I look forward to your weekly posts. :-)