Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun with Friends!

Arianna has a lot of great friends her age in our ward (church). She loves getting together with them!
Corban and Arianna were able to have two fun playdates last week. On Wednesday we went to Munch Bunch (a monthly potluck the sisters in our ward have) and they played together in the gym, and then the next day Corban came over to our house for a couple of hours. They play really well together. Corban is such a sweet, tender little boy.
At Munch Bunch:

At our house:

Alonzo is another little boy who's a good friend of Arianna's. He had a birthday party playdate on Thursday this week (the 18th) to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Arianna enjoyed playing with all of the kids, but I think she especially enjoyed when almost everyone had left and she had Alonzo mostly to herself. :)

Alonzo and Arianna eating cupcakes.

Mandee (his mom) made pink cupcakes for him, since that's his favorite color and that's what he wanted. That's how cool these people are. :)

Oh yeah, and because Arianna wanted Pringles instead of cupcakes at her birthday party, they got some Pringles so she would once again have that option. Mandee said her boys made sure of it. They are SO sweet!! And yes, Arianna did take two bites of her cupcake, then gave it to me saying she was done, and was very excited to learn that there were Pringles!
I'm very grateful for all of the wonderful children Arianna has as friends.

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WesnKt said...

i sure wish that there were some pics of arianna with zoe! :) they were such great friends. i miss you. hope you are well! give all of our little friends a hug from us!