Monday, November 2, 2009

Arianna's Birthday Party!

This Halloween was a very busy and fun day for our family. The first excitement began the day before when Grandma and Grandpa Palmer (Jeremy's parents), Aunt Jenny (Jeremy's sister), Uncle Richy and Aunt Kyra (Jeremy's brother and his wife), Jordan and Abigail (Richy and Kyra's kids) arrived from Indiana for a weekend visit. It is always great to get together with family! This meant they were able to be here for all of our Halloween festivities, which of course added to the fun and excitement. :)

Our first adventure this Halloween was Arianna's little friend birthday party! Our original plan was to have her friend party last week, but she ended up having the flu, so we had to postpone it. This made for a very exciting, jam-packed Halloween, which ended up going beautifully smoothly overall. Five of Arianna's favorite friends (Batman a.k.a. Alonzo, Cat a.k.a. Emma, Tinkerbell a.k.a. Kaylin, Tiger a.k.a. Tayson and Pirate Pumpkin a.k.a. Jordan) came all dressed up in their Halloween costumes for the party. Arianna was excited to dress up in her butterfly costume for everyone to see. :)
The kids went on a pumpkin hunt in our backyard. Everyone found their own small pumpkin to bring inside and decorate.

Arianna and Kaylin searching.

Ready to go inside! It was a little chilly and windy out there.

Decorating pumpkins with stickers.


Emma and Alonzo.



Arianna showing her finished pumpkin.

Singing "Happy Birthday". Arianna got so excited Jeremy said he thought she might start crying from joy! :)

Blowing out the candles. (All by herself this year - she's getting to be such a big girl!)

Yummy cupcakes!

Jordan devoured 2 cupcakes
while everyone else worked on their one.

Arianna ate one bite of her cupcake, then told me she didn't like it. She's never really been into sweets, so we weren't surprised. We got out some Pringles for her (one of her favorite treats), and she ate those while everyone else ate their cupcakes.

Opening presents! All of her friends were very generous, and Arianna got a lot of great gifts.

Alonzo was very cute and helpful while she opened her gifts. :)

I love her expression in this picture.

Cute little friends.

The whole gang. Aren't they a cute bunch?

At the very end of the party, after some of the kids had already left, Jeremy got out his big djembe drum, and the remaining kids had fun making some music.

Jordan, Arianna and Abigail creating some unique beats.

Jordan and Arianna drumming.


Christine said...

It was a fun party and the pictures are so cute. These kids are so cute right now! Thanks for having us!

Harrison's said...

Thanks SO much for inviting us! Tayson (and I) had a wonderful time. It was so great being able to see everyone again!