Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Saturday was an awesome day! First of all, the weather was gorgeous; a high of 68, and lots of sunshine. And second, we were actually home all day! Usually our Saturdays are filled to the brim with activities, but this time around we actually were all home for the whole day (Mom included). It was wonderful to spend the day together as a family, playing and working outside in the beautiful weather.

The first order of business was cleaning up all of the leaves I'd raked the other day (we hadn't had enough bags before). We had quite a bit of fun with this.

Arianna and Badda enjoying a peaceful moment in the backyard.

Arianna shared with us that she is afraid of this windchime in the backyard. She says it is a robot. I can see it - can you?

After working hard on the leaves, we decided to build a fire and cook some food there for our dinner. Baked beans and Morningstar "bacon". Yum!!

Arianna ate about 8 pieces of "bacon" uncooked, plus another 2 or more cooked (plus some baked beans). She does not normally eat so much in one sitting, so we were all pretty surprised. Apparently she REALLY likes Morningstar "bacon"!

She got a kick out of us getting a kick out of her eating so much.

Silly girl. :)
It was really a fabulous day! It's too bad we can't have more Saturdays like this, but we'll take advantage of them and appreciate them when they come around.

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