Thursday, November 12, 2009

Magic in the Mail

On Monday there was a box in the mail addressed to Arianna. Upon opening it, we discovered a little fairy, and a "happy birthday" note from Robin and Dennis. What a great birthday surprise! Isn't she pretty?
Arianna has named her Ajua or Azhua...I'm not sure how to spell it... It's pronounced with a soft J sound. I tried looking it up on the internet to see if it's an actual name and did come across the name Ajua, with Ghanaian origin, but we're not sure if the J is soft or hard. We thought it was kinda cool, though, that the meaning of the name Ajua is "born on a Monday", and we received the fairy on Monday. :) Anyway, however you spell her name, she's very sweet and Arianna loves her! Oh, and by the way, in the picture she is "eating breakfast" with us.


JaredandJaclyn said...

What a sweet little present. I love Arianna's story in the previous blog. She has the cutest little voice.

palmtwi said...

My Ghanaian day name (or African Soul Name) is Kwabena, because I was born on a Tuesday. Hearing about Ajuo took me back to my mission, when so many of my African "Mums" called me that. That's the official iteration from the Twi (pronounced almost like "tree") language, and if you have ever notice my email address you'll now finally understand it! Thanks for sharing the story!