Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday Joanne came to visit, and brought Mushu along with her! Mushu is the sweet little kitty she found in September. She was out running in her neighborhood and heard a kitten crying, and found a little ball of fluff, all alone. The neighbors said he'd been out there crying all morning. Poor little guy! Being the awesome person she is, Joanne brought him home and became his mama. He had only barely opened his eyes, and couldn't push up onto his legs yet (just creeped along), so we (and the Vet) estimated he was about 3 weeks old. Joanne (and Lesley, her mom) taught him how to drink kitty formula from a bottle, and did all the things for him that a mommy cat would.

Mushu the day after Joanne adopted him:

See how tiny he was?

Now he's about 10 weeks old:

He's a really sweet little kitty. Yesterday was the first time we'd seen him since he was about 5 weeks old. He's grown so much!! Arianna had fun playing with him (even though we had to keep reminding her to be gentle). Maya was very excited to see him again, and wanted ever so much to play with him, but Mushu was a little too scared. By the end of the visit, though, he did warm up to the point that Joanne could sit right next to Maya with Mushu in her arms. Who knows? Maybe they'll be really good friends in the future (I'm sure Maya would love that!).
Thanks, Joanne, for sharing sweet Mushu with us!

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