Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Dinner

At the end of the day, when asked what her favorite part about her birthday was, Arianna said, "Eating!". I thought she might have mentioned the piles of presents she opened, but apparently her special meal shone out even above that. After Kickboxing and Tai Chi that night, we (Jeremy, me, Arianna and Joanne) enjoyed some baked macaroni and cheese, tofu (raw for Arianna, fried for us) and steamed broccoli, some of Arianna's very favorite foods. Arianna ate a LOT; so much, in fact, that when she said her stomach was full at the end of the meal, it was SO full that she didn't even want a Pringle! That's FULL, believe me - usually her stomach still has room for Pringles. Obviously she really enjoyed her birthday dinner.

1 comment:

Springer and/or Tyson (probably Springer) said...

That sounds like a scrumptious birthday dinner! :)

Also, I still need to have you tell me how you make your mac and cheese . . . :)