Wednesday, October 21, 2009

December Picture Highlights

Arianna & Zoe

Arianna always loved getting together with her friend Zoe. We were very sad when they moved to Utah. :( In fact, looking at these pictures again the other day, Arianna told me she wanted to visit Zoe, and that she misses her. Now she wants to go to Utah to visit her. :)

Arianna has always been a little obsessed with inspecting between her toes. When it first began (a few months before this picture was taken), she seriously was constantly taking her socks and shoes off so she could inspect again. It was a very serious thing for her. Now she still does it, but is thankfully not quite so obsessed with the whole thing. I love in this picture how Zoe is so interested, too. :) Aren't kids awesome?

Joanne's Christmas Box

Here's the special box Andreas sent Joanne for Christmas. It was full of a bunch of thoughtful gifts, along with comments about them. He had us give it to her with specific instructions that we build a fire on the back porch and make some hot cocoa for her. I must say, he's a pretty sweet guy. Who would've known? :) Seriously, though, I've learned a lot about him since he fell in love with Joanne...

Christmas in Indiana
We were able to visit Jeremy's family in Indiana to celebrate Christmas. Ken and Kendra and Richy and Kyra (and their respective children) were there, too, so we had some great times together!
First stop: indoor swimming pool! Arianna had a great time swimming with her cousins!

Arianna and Amelie (Ken & Kendra's daughter) were very cute together. I wish they could get together ALL the time - I think they would be awesome friends. Hopefully we will at least be able to manage getting together every year somehow...

A big highlight of our visit for Arianna were these two large bowls full of peanuts. They were constantly stocked, and she just thought they were the coolest! She LOVES peanuts, and could often be found munching on them while we were there.

Christmas Eve, all dressed up in new pj's. :)

Christmas morning!

Arianna's stocking, overflowing with goodies from Santa. :)

Arianna and Amelie (and all of the kids) had an awesome time playing in the ball pit Santa brought for Kaylee!





Christmas at Home
After having a wonderful time celebrating in Indiana with Jeremy's side of the family, we came home and celebrated with my side. Santa was kind enough to visit both locations. :)

Christmas morning #2! What Santa brought. :)

Can you tell she was having fun?

<---Our Little Photographer

All Dressed Up!!--->

(One of my favorite gifts we gave her; a set of Sarah's Silks. So cute!)

So, these are just some of the pictures from our December adventures. To see more, check out our Flickr account. I'll be adding highlights from each month as I continue adding to Flickr (finally)... Enjoy! :)

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