Wednesday, October 21, 2009

January Picture Highlights

Arianna and her first "big girl bed". She has since upgraded to an actual toddler bed, but you'll have to wait for those pictures... :)

A look of mischief. Somehow this look reminds me of my dad. Anyone else?

Playing with Sesame...Arianna style. Basically, this meant piling toys up on top of Sesame. And look how patient Sesame was with the game! These are the kind of things that make us think Arianna really needs a sibling...and soon... :) (Though I do hope she wouldn't take to piling items up on top of her little sibling...)

Being silly! Arianna can definitely get into some very silly moods. This particular day she put her winter hood on backwards, and began running around the table (probably singing, too - I don't remember for sure, but there generally is a song involved with her) like a crazy girl, laughing hysterically at herself. She cracks me up! :)

For more pictures from January, don't forget to check out our Flickr account.

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