Friday, October 16, 2009

Entering the World of Blogging Again... Hopefully for good this time!!

After months of absence from the blogging scene, here we are again! I need to make this a regular habit of mine, because I am missing out on recording some really great memories. So, this is going to be my journal now... and for those of you who haven't already entered into the world of blogging who live far away and I really want to stay in touch with (ahem, Springer and Kendra...and so on...), now's your chance to join me!! Seriously, it would be really cool if we all just did even one entry a week, and knew a little more about what was going on in each others lives, don't you think?

AND, I just figured out how to use Feedburner to put that little widget in the upper righthand corner, where you can just enter your e-mail addresses in and voila, you get an e-mail of my newest posts when they're posted! I think this is really cool, because I like keeping up-to-date on friends blogs, but it takes forever going through them to see who's posted anything new... So, if you haven't done this yet for your blog and you're reading this right now, you should definitely do it! :)

Anyway, those of you who I'm trying to convince to start your own blog... Your posts don't have to be anything time-consuming or fancy; just a little thought, or moment from your day that you'd like to share. And suddenly we'll feel like we're actually a part of each others lives again, even though we're so far apart!

Have I convinced you? Well, if not, then maybe once you subscribe to my blog and see how nice it is getting little updates from me in your inbox all the time, you'll decide you're interested afterall... :)

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Harrison's said...

Such a great family picture on your header! So cute. Hope all is well with you guys.