Friday, October 30, 2009

Some Halloween Celebrations

This past Tuesday was a special Halloween storytime at the library. Arianna was very excited to get dressed up in her butterfly costume! After storytime, we went around "trick-or-treating" throughout the library. Arianna really enjoyed the storytime (she always does), but didn't enjoy the trick-or-treating as much as I thought she would. I think the problem was that in the very beginning we had to walk right past the computer stations in the children's area, and she got it in her head that she wanted to play a game... Oh well. She still enjoyed herself, I think - but she was also pretty happy when we were done so she could finally go play a game!
This isn't the most flattering picture of her in her costume, but it's the only one I got... Don't you love how she's smacking her gum? She was chewing it quite obnoxiously during the whole storytime. Hopefully she'll get that under control sometime soon... She apparently takes after Grandpa Tim in her gum chewing habit. She is always asking if she can have a piece to chew, and then she chews it SO obnoxiously. I just smile because it reminds me of Dad. :)

She got this Halloween card in the mail from "Grandma" Lesley and "Grandpa" Jerry (Joanne's parents, who do special things like this for her all the time). It plays a song sung by Tigger, and she loves it! She's been proudly showing it to everyone who comes to visit. :)

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